11 . 21 . 14

The holidays are approaching, which can only mean one thing for Travis Larson Band. Hibernation. But this season, hibernation means working on the live DVD project. It's repetitious, it's expeditious... and it's going to kick ASS. More on that later.

The East of West tour was exquisite and there's proof somewhere. Meanwhile, we've added a few dates for early 2015, check out the tourdates page. We've also posted a new radio interview with the infamous Randy Allar - nearly one hundred minutes of TLB Babble, and Jennifer swears she'll post the last THREE tours worth of tour diaries "probably, eventually, soon".

The 2014 Shift Tours have come to an end and TLB is sad... but happy! For all the cherished moments, the stink and sweat, the warm goodwill and enthusiasm - these are the memories for which we are grateful.

"Who told you to put the cheese on? I didn't tell you to put the cheese on. You people with the cheese. It never ends..." -Jackie Chiles

10 . 04 . 14

The Western States run was superb, thanks to all y'all for coming out to the shows! AND the filming in Mexicali was a success. You heard it here first, a new TLB live concert DVD in the works... Vivir en Mexicali! Thank you to Mario, Jerz and all the Mexicali Prog gatos who worked so hard to make this thing happen.

TLB heads out tomorrow for our East of West tour. Twenty shows, eleven states and more scrambled eggs than you can shake a stick at. We would be delighted to see you, check the tourdates page for all the details.

"I'd rather be a hammer than a nail." - Simon and Garfunkel

9 . 10 . 14

September marks the ten-year anniversary of the Burn Season release! Featuring guest performances by Steve Lukather and Vinx, along with art direction and design by the legendary Hugh Syme, Burn Season continues to be a TLB favorite. And now, a classic.

To celebrate, we're having cake and punch for breakfast everyday this month. We've also posted some BS songs here, and check out those gone-but-not-forgotten moments with the BS Production gallery.

TLB gets in the van for the Western States leg of the 2014 Summer/Fall tour starting tomorrow! Since we're out and about, we thought "Why not try to film the show for a live DVD.... in Mexicali?" So grab yer passports and come on down, we're livin' la vida loca...

Visit us on FB for timely road updates, or check back HERE in a couple months for the untimely ones.

"Come On!" - Ricky Martin

7 . 30 . 14

And so it begins...

Travis Larson Band kicks off their 2014 Summer/Fall tour tomorrow. The shows are rangy, from clinics and clubs to theaters and festivals. We're hopping on and off the Tony MacAlpine tour back east, traversing the world's edge for a secret DVD filming and ....wait, whaaat?

Check out the tourdates for the latest, we're still adding shows. We've also added a recent KMUZ radio interview with Mr. Larson where he discusses the music business, some insights behind the Shift record and yada yadas the meaning of life.

Adventure abounds... please come join us, won't you? We promise to bait you with fury, then kill you with kindness.

“Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down." - Ray Bradbury

7 . 4 . 14

Happy Independence Day, Countrymen!

Travis Larson Band is hittin' that dusty ol' road... you know the one with those fruited plains, them purple mountains and that wavy amber grain stuff?

We're restless and ready to get out your way, to the West, Northwest, Midwest, East Coast and the South. That's right....from sea to shining sea, UNITED we stand. Oh, snap.

So, check out the tourdates page and check often - we're still adding shows.

And how about a peek at pics from Mr. Larson's recent solo tour in the galleries? So lonely.

May you celebrate your July 4th holiday with fervor as you reflect upon the important things like brotherhood and how best to blow stuff up...

"If you expect the freedom that is yours, prove that you deserve it." - Kansas

5 . 1 . 14

While it *may* seem like Travis Larson Band is laying low, truth is that we're scheming...

So just to scratch that itch, Travis Larson is performing two handfuls of solo clinics and gigs, featuring Music Man's latest addition to their kick-ass guitaresenal - The Majesty.

Visit the tourdates page for the glorious details on the Music Man clinics and solo performances with Grammy Award Winning guitarist Larry Mitchell. Or just check out this-here fancy poster.

Trio tourdates are coming together for the rest of 2014 and include the Northwest, Midwest and East Coast. Updates coming soon.

Let's keep some chatter going on our socially-relevent social-media platforms, shall we? Batter, batter.

4 . 1 . 14

In honor of April Fool's Day, Ms. Young has embraced the phenomenon of social relevance by joining Facebook AND Twitter. Like and Follow her, not literally please.

Other updates include a Twitter Feed on the TLB homepage, up-to-the-minute news on all things TLB. We've made the galleries prettier than ever, and added SIX new tour diaries from the recent TLB & Aristocrats spree.

This year's tourdates are coming along, more on that later.

For now, tap and swipe and share and like. You can and you will.

"Whatever that your days may bring, no use hiding in a corner cause that won't change a thing." - Led Zeppelin

1 . 6 . 14

Happy New Year from TLB! We hope your 2014 is filled with nobility, perseverance and unexpected adventure. It's the Year of the Wood Horse, so....giddyup.

We're officially reminding you of the upcoming Western States tour that kicks off in just a matter of days. From California to Colorado, to Mexico and back (hopefully), The Aristocrats and TLB intend to "bring it", as the kids say. Check the tourdates page, and let's start the new year proper.

And if you still don't own the new Travis Larson Band CD Shift, go here. We swear you'll really, really, really, really dig it.

"Even in the limo, I buckle my seatbelt." -Christopher Walken