11 . 25 . 15

Happy Thanksgiving from TLB!

We're excited to announce the first shows for next year, TLB's customary pre-NAMM run, this time featuring the prodigious Dave LaRue Band and the wildly deft Magic Elf. It ain’t easy getting such noteworthy fusion bands together for even ONE night of mind-blowing music, so why not make a thing of it?

Grammy-nominated bassist Dave LaRue’s technical prowess is formidable among jazz-fusionists, but his unique talent is to project his virtuosity with remarkable soul and feel. A long-time member of the instrumental groups the Steve Morse Band and the Dixie Dregs, LaRue continues to be the go-to guy for many leading guitarists, having worked with Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, The Hellecasters, Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons, Albert Lee, Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Rik Emmett, Ace Frehley, and Steve Vai.

Magic Elf’s high-energy, instrumental rock is often compared to The Dregs, Rush, King Crimson, Allan Holdsworth, along with echoes of both Bach and Beck. Guitar World Magazine says, "Without a doubt, the Elf packs a punch. Their all-instrumental music is ass-kickingly ferocious jazz fusion/progressive hard rock... Roa is an extremely formidable player... a must-hear for any serious fans of creative, technically proficient prog rock”.

Check out the tourdates page or this-here fancy poster, and come see the show!!

We've added a new radio interview with KMUZ's Eric Gessner, where Travis discusses the recent US tour, the new DVD/CD release Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali and diplomatically shares thoughts about the music "business". Speaking of commercialism, all TLB merch is on sale till December 15. Five bucks off of everything. 'Tis the season!

Gratitude is best served warm... as is that big ol' bird and all the trimmings. May your hearts and your bellies be filled with the warmth of thankfulness and may you find delight in the little things.

"You have any food here?" -Josey Wales

10 . 05 . 15

Dang. Over three months since the last update? Who's runnin' this shootin' match?

Apologies. Seems there's been some distraction, lack of multi-tasking, and general neglect. Let's blame it on Mr. Beller, shall we? :)

The Aristocrats / TLB tour really WAS the stuff of dreams. The shows were fiery, the fans were earnest, the travel was trying... but we survived and survived well. Over twelve-thousand miles, forty-four shows, two vehicle breakdowns, four Jen breakdowns, and numberless pounds of scrambled eggs... yes, the stuff of dreams. Our heartfelt thanks to the Aristocrats, the crew, the folks at BMP and all the cool cats who came to the shows. EVERYONE rocked and rocked hard. Thank you.

While the rest of the band rests on their laurels, Travis will be doing some solo clinics in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on the tourdates for details. Coming soon, pictures from the tour and assorted news on upcoming TLB escapades.

Happy Fall, y'all. May you enjoy the winding down of another year and happily rejoice in the release of a new James Bond movie!

"For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught." -Paul Anka

6 . 30 . 15

Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali is released today! Featuring 17 songs, 5.1 Surround Sound, Band Commentary and Extras, this CD/DVD combo marks Travis Larson Band's ELEVENTH release.

Thanks to all you lovelies who pre-ordered Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we apologize for not getting your orders to you sooner than later. Shift happens, as they say. To make up for it, Moon promises to lovingly smooch each and every pre-order, and Jennifer promises to laugh at him while he does it.

The Shift Happens t-shirts are in! Not only can you be immersed in the sights and sounds of TLB, but now in glorious cotton too. All the usual sizes are available, while supplies last.

TLB hits the road in less than a week with our ultra-especial tour partners, The Aristocrats. If you haven't yet picked up their brand new CD, do it NOW. The Progressive Aspect says, “Tres Caballeros is extraordinary. In fact, almost every single note is extraordinary. Individually these guys are astonishing…together, this is the stuff of dreams.”

And this tour promises to be the stuff of dreams as well. It'd be a damn shame if you fail to witness the pageantry. Just sayin'. Check out the tourdates and start scheming.

As always, a heartfelt thank you. TLB is privileged to be a part of your lives and we cannot WAIT to rock. See you out there, bring chocolate!

"Reaching with nothing to hide, you on our side..." - Chris Squire

6 . 5 . 15
Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali will officially release on June 30, but there's this trend called "pre-orders", where you can give us your dough NOW and we'll send you the goods LATER. Isn't that charmingly progressive?

The first 500 Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali pre-orders will be autographed by the band and shipped out prior to the official release date. Shall we begin?


TLB is gearing up for the upcoming North American tour with the snazziest tour partners EVER, The Aristocrats! Starting July 6 we happily hit the road, pockets full of quarters and hearts full of love. Check out the tourdates, mark your calendars, come get hugs from Jen.

In case you need hugs from Travis, catch him during his Guitar Center clinic run, starting in just a matter of days. Sponsored by Electro-Voice, these clinics are always filled with insightful knowledge, demonstrations and free stuff. Oh, and coffee. Because we can.


"Out of my brain on the train on the train, out of my brain on the train." - The Who

5 . 24 . 15

It's time. IT IS TIME!!!

We are excited and proud to announce the upcoming release of Travis Larson Band's third DVD release, "Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali"!

Official release date? June 30, 2015.

While the bun is still technically in the oven, we've got 'er cranked to about 450, the edges are crisping up nicely, and we're standing by with oven mitts.

Featuring 17 songs, 5.1 Surround Sound, Band Commentary and Extras, this CD/DVD combo package is worthy of our most prudent followers and it ROCKS...Mexicali style!

Here's the set:

Bright Eyes
Point of Balance
Forest for the Trees
Above Below
Grace to Wonder
Georgia On My Mind
Rise and Fall
World's Edge

And how about a little taste? Nom nom.

Starting June 5, pre-order the"Shift Happens - LIVE in Mexicali" CD/DVD package, the first 500 pre-orders will be autographed by the band and shipped out before the official release date. Pre-orders only available here at www.travislarsonband.com and start Friday at 9pm PDT, midnight EDT.

The US Tour starts July 6 and TLB is so ready to set some shit on fire. Figuratively speaking, of course.

More details, updates and general generalities coming soon.

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." - David Letterman

3 . 19 . 15

Spring has almost sprung and TLB is bouncing with updates.

First, the live Mexicali DVD production is well underway. The audio has been mixed and mastered, the video is being sliced and diced, and the thing just rocks. ¡Muy bien! We will announce an official release date for early July, just in time for...

US Tour this summer!! Travis Larson Band is hittin' the road with our good friends and caballeros, The Aristocrats. Over forty shows from the West to the East, with a sprinkling of Canada and Mexico dates.

Fresh off their wildly successful Culture Clash world tour, The Aristocrats, guitarist Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, Asia/GPS), bassist Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, Dethklok) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani) set up camp at legendary Sunset Sound studios to record their third studio album, Tres Caballeros. This upcoming tour will bring the band's new musical vision in trio form to stages across North America in their most ambitious jaunt yet. And TLB will join them in what's sure to be... a helluva lot of fun.

Check out the tourdates page for all the info, dates are still being added so keep a watchful eye out. Mark it, tag it, bag it, share it, feed it, friend it... whatever it takes. Do NOT miss this tour. It will be RAD.

"A kiss for luck and we're on our way, we've only just begun." - The Carpenters

1 . 03 . 15

Happy New Year!

In reflection, 2014 was a great success for us, thank you very much proud supporters of TLB! Without you, we would have wandered the earth like Kwai Chang Caine, wondering how it was we could not hear our own heartbeats.

But instead, we wandered the highways and byways, joyfully rocking and wondering where to find the next Denny's. So, thank you. For that and for everything. As always.

The NAMM show is just around the corner and we're warming up with a little West Coast jaunt. Featuring our brotha Larry Mitchell and his band, the shows will be super-groovy and super-shreddy. We wish upon a star that we will see you all there.

In other news, audio mixdown for the upcoming live DVD starts in just a day or so. The project is cruising along, with an expected summer release date. More details on the way.

In all seriousness, TLB truly appreciates all of your unending support and dedication to our little band. We are always humbled by your love. Thank you. From the bottom of our heartbeats.

"It wont be long, 'til I belong to you." - The Beatles