8 . 30 . 18

Welp, after fourteen-thousand miles, two alternators, one flat, two hubcaps (thereafter a whole new set of tires and shocks), TLB has returned to the Central Coast of California fairly intact. The TLB20 US Tour was... magnanimous, particularly with regards to van repairs. Thank you one and all for coming out to the shows, you fill us with moxie. Thanks too, Andy Timmons, Rob the Great, Blue Mouth Promotions, all of our home-hosts who graciously fed and watered the minstrels while we folded clean clothes. It takes an awful lot of caring people to perpetuate "art", we are thankful to know all of you.

Before settling in too much, TLB has a few more west coast shows up our collective sleeves. The "official" anniversary party is just a couple days from now, the dive bar where it all started, Sweet Springs Saloon (a show with cookies, that's the "party" part). Check out the tourdates for details, more coming soon.

For now, adieu. We'll see ya.

"Today is different, and tomorrow the same..." -Rush

6 . 18 . 18

Moving Pictures, Ms. Young's first-ever photography book is released TODAY!!

"This collection takes the challenges of shooting pictures from the passenger seat of an E-350 tour van… a singular point of view, lack of control, the fact that a decent shot is often just dumb luck… and turns that frustration into privilege. An appreciation for contrast, a wider perception and the realization that there is so much more to our world and lives than just the blurs. Jennifer offers her view of 'out there', her present moments, all caught in the camera eye."

Or something like that.

Swoop up your very own copy for your very own coffee table, available here and at the shows. And wouldn't you look fantastic wearing a brand new TLB20 t-shirt whilst flipping through the pages of Moving Pictures? Yes, you would. Swoop away.

The TLB20 Tour is officially underway, the shows have been kickin' ass, the set is delightfully challenging. Our sincere appreciation to our California friends for your tolerance as we ironed out the old and new tunes. Check out the tourdates for the latest dates and details as they continue to roll in, including a Northeast run with Andy Timmons Band!! We are wriggly with joy to reunite with The King of Tone, Ms. Young is wriggly with anticipation as she will be filling in on bass for more than a handful of these shows. Camera? What camera?

Can't wait to see you all... we're bringing our smiles and hugs. Hope you'll bring yours too.

"And now to sleep, to dream... perchance to fart.” -Anthony Bourdain

6 . 8 . 18

The TLB20 t-shirts are in!! Wrap yourself up in the cottony-delight of a big ol' TLB hug because YOU are cool. Customary sizes are available in the only customary color.

In further celebration of TLB20, more than a hundred TLB tourdiaries have been posted on YouTube, actual moving pictures, vignettes of the band's day-to-day... from the very early days till the time when Ms. Young became disgruntled with the increasing demand for "I want it now". There's still hope that she'll get over it.

The tourdates continue to roll in, shows start TODAY, all is right with our world and we sure hope all's alright in yours. More soon.

"We can do that... we don't even have to have a reason." - Carl Spackler

5 . 5 . 18

The year 2018 marks twenty, since Travis Larson Band's first and eponymous release in 1998. TWENTY YEARS of instrumental-progressive-rock trenches. It's where we most love to be, so... we're celebrating!

How? With a tour! And hopefully some cake and/or cheese. Check out the tourdates page, it's being updated often as things still pull together. We'll be more than two months in the van, always hopeful to be hittin' your town, always happy to be hittin' the stage. Speaking about happy... check out the galleries page to see Travis beaming, on stage with THE DIXIE DREGS!

Next. We're bringing back the infamous TLB logo from twenty years ago... it's been spiced up a bit with anniversary-like color, shines and lines. The new TLB20 t-shirt will be available in a matter of weeks, available online but they always fit better when you get them at the shows. Who can say why? Check 'em out now, we'll let you know the minute the ink dries.

Next. Twenty years in the making (or collecting, rather) Ms. Young has been in her own trench, working on her very first photography book - a collection of images all shot from the passenger seat of the TLB tour van, and only a few while driving. Heh. A labor of love, this hundred-and-fifty page visual tour is a glimpse into the "other twenty or so hours" of life on the road, as only Ms. Young can see it. Check out her documini for a little preview of... Moving Pictures by Jennifer Young. Available June 18, 2018.

TLB is proud and humbled by the support of you, who have facilitated our devotion to twenty years of creating music. It's a big deal, worthy of congratulations. Here's to you, here's to us.

"Courageous convictions will drag the dream into existence" -Rush

4 . 16 . 18

It may seem that TLB took the extended winter hibernation a little too seriously. On the contrary. Plotting and planning world domination, these things take time. Plotting and planning a North American tour, takes about six months. More on this later.

In the meantime, Travis Larson will be performing a handful of Guitar Center clinics on the west coast. Sponsored by Fishman, these intimate events are sure to bring joy to the world and at the very least, MIDI wisdom to the attendees. Check the tourdates for a GC clinic near you. And then, go!

Coming soon, news and details for TLB's upcoming 2018 shenanigans. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

“You must keep your mind on the objective, not on the obstacle.” -William Randolph Hearst

1 . 2 . 18

Happy New Year from TLB! We're thankful for the support you lovelies bestowed upon us in 2017. Our hearts are always full and warm because of you. If we had doggie tails, you'd see.

The NAMM show approaches, so does TLB's annual pre-NAMM run of shows. Check the tourdates page for details and find out where we'll reunite with Doug Johns... how we've missed our funk-junky brotha.

Here's to a year of opportunity for awareness and action. May there be magic, mirthful mayhem and zero mediocrity. Let us be expressive with our tails. You dig?

"None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.” -Christopher Walken