6 . 28 . 17

'Tis the season! Oops. Happy Summer!

In a mere smattering of days, TLB embarks upon their first proper Northwest run since the Shift tour. Featuring new tunes from Anicca and fistfuls of TLB classics, the sets pack a punch and could leave you seeing stars. If you squint just right.

It bears reminding, check out TLB's latest release Anicca!! Still almost fresh from the oven, it's tasty. "With hints of late-seventies instrumental progressive fusion, this consummate collection is firmly steeped in the 21st century. Twelve tracks, each its own melodic tale to tell, Travis Larson Band continues to elaborate, to demand leading-edge artistry. Anicca by definition means impermanence, ever-changing. And while the new record could be considered a departure, Anicca is surely an arrival." Grab a copy here, or at a show near you!

Here's to seeing you out there, somewhere, someday.

“May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect.” - Chuck Palahniuk

4 . 01 . 17

Seems the gumption for a web update got a tad gumptionless. But now that spring is here, TLB has emerged from hibernation. STRETCH!!!!

We're working on the tour schedule for this year, there's shuffling and sussing. Lots to come for summer and fall, check out the tourdates page for the latest. Or soonest, rather.

With all of the current technology, one would think more than thirty-five pictures were taken on the January run. Well, no. Here they are, in their meager glory.

TLB has been nominated for five JPF Awards! Started in 1999, the JPF Awards recognize the best music often ignored by the mainstream. The judging criteria is based around one basic concept: Does the music move you? Ain't that somethin'.

"I'm a fool for your love." - Triumph

1 . 04 . 17

Happy New Year, from TLB!! We are thankful and relieved, having made it to the other side of 2016. It was a tough year all around, we felt it, you felt it, even the neighborhood dogs whined all year. So now it's over, chin up, eyes forward, let's get cocky in 2017.

TLB hits the road in less than a week for our annual pre-NAMM-show shows. Magic Elf is back, featuring Dave LaRue on bass, there's no better way to bring out the cocky. Wink!

If you plan on attending the NAMM show, check out TLB's Facebook page for performance details including an open-to-the-public concert on Saturday evening, January 21. Tony MacAlpine, Mike Keneally, Andy Timmons, Andy West... it's X-JAMM 2017!!! Expected to be the highlight of NAMM, mark your calendars, get there early!

May your new year be exceptional, in all the good ways.

"We're only immortal for a limited time." - Rush