2 . 04 . 16

TLB is happily home from the NAMM show and a kickass run with Dave LaRue Band and Magic Elf. All the minds were blown by all the notes from all the bands. Documentation of such a magnificent tour was woefully neglected as Ms. Young (resident documenter) was pulling double-duty, filling in on bass for Elf. If you missed it, bummer. Surely there's proof somewhere, though unfortunately not available here on www.travislarsonband.com. Our apologies.

The big news! Travis Larson Band is headed into the studio for work on their seventh studio record. Lucky seven! The writing has begun, things are flowin', feelin', fallin'... into place nicely. We're hoping for a Summer release, tour to follow. Neat, yes?

If you're itching to catch some TLB sooner than later, Travis is headed east on a solo clinic run during March and April. Check the tourdates for the details.

So, there you have it. Travis Larson Band is digging in, yet again. We won't be strangers and respectfully request ya keep the light on for us....

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." - Maori Proverb

1 . 05 . 16

Happy New Year from TLB! May you find your 2016 filled with cheeky exuberance and resourceful ambition. It's the year of the Fire Monkey, so... go bananas? If you so choose.

The NAMM show is just around the corner and we're excited for our pre-NAMM run, featuring Dave LaRue Band and Magic Elf. It bears repeating with bold capitalization: DAVE LARUE BAND AND MAGIC ELF! You'll be sorry and pissed, just watching crappy YouTube clips the morning after, so... come see the show!! We promise excellence, too many notes and happy mischief.

Check out the tourdates page or neato imagery.

Thank you, one and all, for your unending support. We are always humbled by your love.

"Shock the monkey to life." - Peter Gabriel