12 . 02 . 16

We seemed to have misplaced November. Ah, well.

The 2016 Anicca US tour with ATB, MK&BFD and TLB was acronymically splendid, a true love-fest, OMG. Our heartfelt thanks to the bands for being so damn cool and fun, thanks to BMP for figuring it all out and thank you TANK! Not an acronym, a definition. Check out the gallery.

January tourdates have been posted, the customary pre-NAMM run. We're bringing back Magic Elf, featuring Dave LaRue on bass. Guitar World Magazine says, "The Elf packs a punch... a must-hear for any serious fans of creative, technically proficient prog rock”. AND with DAVE LARUE! Srsly wckd. TLB will perform tunes from the new release, Anicca. Speaking of...

As the holiday approaches, why not consider giving the gift of music for all those fusion fans in your life? It's the gift that keeps on givin', Clark. Visit the merch page to support consumerism during its favorite time of year.

During this season of hustle and bustle, DFTBA. XOXO ;)

"I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high." - Led Zeppelin

10 . 01 . 16

With Anicca released, rehearsals, warm-up shows and new tourvan debt successfully under the TLB belt, it's time to hit the road, baby! We join up with Andy Timmons Band for the first couple of weeks, Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins for the next couple of weeks... it's a love-fest, really. Won't you please join us at a show near you? Keep an eye on the tourdates page, shows are still being added and updated.

Hang on to your hats, and your previous iOS... Anicca is now available on iTunes! If you're old-ish and would prefer the more tangible version of Anicca, grab the CD and cherish the anticipation of mail delivery.

We've added a new radio interview with KMUZ's Eric Gessner, featuring Travis Larson and Jennifer Young. Listen, if you dare.

And so, in a matter of hours TLB piles into the van with over-stuffed luggage and ever-joyful hearts. We're on our way, it's time to ROCK, we'll see you soon.

"Let the wind blow through your heart for wild is the wind." - Nina Simone

9 . 16 . 16

Travis Larson Band releases their seventh studio effort, Anicca, today.

"With tasteful hints of late-seventies instrumental progressive fusion, this consummate collection is firmly steeped in the 21st century. Twelve tracks, each its own melodic tale to tell, Travis Larson Band continues to elaborate, to demand leading-edge artistry. Anicca by definition means impermanence, ever-changing. And while the new record could be considered a departure, Anicca is surely an arrival."

Thank you to all who pre-ordered Anicca, now we can feed Dale on the road! If you've yet to get your hands on the new music, get it now! We're still waiting on digital distribution confirmation but you'll be the first to know... well, technically we will be the first to know, but when we know, you'll know. You know? Ahem. Check out the Anicca production gallery. A few little glimpses of TLB at work and more images from Ms. Young's boneyard excursion. Check out the docu-mini for more insight on the album concept and production.

The Anicca T-shirts are in! All the usual sizes, usual cottony-goodness, usual color black. Of course. Get 'em while we got 'em. Supplies limited.

TLB hits the road in a matter of weeks. The tour details continue to come together, more dates are being added, keep an eye out for updates on the tourdates page. We sure wouldn't wanna miss you.

As if to complete the notion of change, we're sad to bid farewell to one of our dearest tour partners... the TLB tourvan. Affectionately nicknamed "The Deathstar" for her formidable presence and impenetrable defense, she has safely transported the band from coast to coast since 2001. Always reliable and worry-free, we're thankful for the years of service and as weird as it may sound... devotion to the cause. In honor of our Deathstar, some memories.

We'll see you soon, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

"Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three." -Willy Wonka

9 . 02 . 16

Let's keep it simple.

Pre-order ANICCA, now.

"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it." - Willy Wonka

8 . 16 . 16

In exactly one month from today Travis Larson Band will release their seventh studio record, ANICCA.

Track Listing:

ANICCA (3:52)
PASTIME (3:50)
K9360 (3:54)

Starting September 2, you can pre-order ANICCA. The first 300 pre-orders will be autographed by the band and shipped out BEFORE the official release date. Pre-orders only available here at www.travislarsonband.com and start at 9PM Pacific time.

Ready for a little taste? Check out the ANICCA docu-mini and mark your calendars for pre-ordering the new record on September 2.

More tour news! The lumps of shows are getting lumpier. We've been trying to wrangle a tour with this Texan for some time now and are pleased to announce dates with super-dude, Andy Timmons. From blues to pop to instrumental finery, Mr. Timmons is a badass. And Mike Keneally shows too! TLB hopes that some of this badass-bewitchery will rub off. Surely bewitchery is a word. Check the tourdates for all the latest.

Coming soon, song clips, photo gallery, more tourdates and of course... ANICCA!!

"Like a mountain that's growing." - Neil Young

7 . 07 . 16

Our sincere apologies for the lack of updates as of late. It would seem we've all had our hands full with this and that... mostly with this:

We are excited and proud to announce the upcoming release of the Travis Larson Band's seventh studio album, Anicca, available September 16, 2016. The band finished tracking last week, mixdown has commenced... is it okay to yada, yada the rest? Coming soon, details and hype. For a quick fix, visit TLB on Facebook and check out the studio video-vignettes. They're cute.

New record equals TOUR!! TLB will be playing a lump of shows in the Northeast with the most gracious of geniuses, Mike Keneally and his band Beer for Dolphins. Check out the tourdates page for details and check back soon, we'll be adding some more lumps of shows with some more gracious geniuses.

More soon... promise.

"Catch the witness, catch the wit, catch the spirit, catch the spit." -Rush

5 . 20 . 16

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Allergies. Pretty sure it's allergies.

In honor of allergy season and a ten year anniversary, TLB celebrates their 2006 release Rate of Change with a re-press and a DEAL. It's a bundled society, so we're bundling too. Progression Magazine says, "The tracks are exquisitely arranged and melodically tasty, the playing is smoothly confident while technically brilliant, and production is so sonically crisp the sound practically leaps from your speakers." How can you resist THAT? So yes, Rate of Change is back in print! Check out the merchandise page for details.

TLB is on Bandcamp! "Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it." That about covers it. Thank you Devon Booth, TLB's Digital Strategist, for getting it all set up. You'll be seeing and hearing a lot from that boy. He's the MAN.

The new record is in the tracking stages. Ms. Young is currently in the hot seat, getting down to brass tacks as they say, if inebriated. Bass tracks, if not. We're looking at an August release, the ink is drying on the tourdates schedule and we're SO excited to come see you all! It's been far too long. Expect to see studio shenanigans in the coming updates and SHOES! Er... SHOWS!!

"Hold on to your soul, we got a long way to go." - Prince

4 . 15 . 16

Happy April, Happy Spring!

Jennifer Young is featured in the April edition of Music Connection magazine, as part of the Guitar/Bass Jam 2016, an annual cross-section of prominent guitarists and bassists in the music industry. Read the WHOLE interview here. Also, Check out the recent Amps and Axes podcast with Ms. Young, where she "umms" and "yeahs" her way through ninety minutes of sheepish interview. A writer not a speaker, that girl.

At it again, our Mr. T heads out for another GC tour of the South and... Ohio. Sponsored by Electro-Voice, these clinics are super-duper neato, so grab yer pals, check the tourdates page, and go hang with T.

The new record steadily moves along. The songs are penned and arranged, TLB hits the studio in a week. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, go grow somethin'.

"I believe in Beatles, I believe my little soul has grown." - David Bowie

3 . 05 . 16

In an effort to catch up on woefully neglected content augmentation here at www.travislarsonband.com, we've added FIVE new... er...old galleries. A total of 888 never-before-seen pictures of all the same stuff you've already seen. Check 'em out on the galleries page.

Travis Larson heads out tomorrow for his whirlwind clinic tour of the South. Sponsored by Electro-Voice, these intimate events are always a fun hang. And there's giveaways!! Can you think of a better way to spend an early evening? Well, even so...check the tourdates page for all the dates and deets.

Amps and Axes recently interviewed Mr. Larson for their eponymous podcast. It's very good, check it out here, if the link works. Otherwise, off to Facebook you go. And check back soon, Ms. Young interviewed as well. Perhaps not as good, but we like to let her try.

Work continues on the new record, even while T is away, the rhythm section will play.

"Don't let me hear you say that life's taking you nowhere." - David Bowie

2 . 04 . 16

TLB is happily home from the NAMM show and a kickass run with Dave LaRue Band and Magic Elf. All the minds were blown by all the notes from all the bands. Documentation of such a magnificent tour was abandoned, since Ms. Young (resident documenter) was pulling double-duty, filling in on bass for Elf. If you missed it, bummer. Surely there's proof somewhere, though unfortunately not available here on www.travislarsonband.com. Our apologies.

The big news! Travis Larson Band is headed into the studio for work on their seventh studio record. Lucky seven! The writing has begun, things are flowin', feelin', fallin'... into place nicely. We're hoping for a Summer release, tour to follow. Neat, yes?

If you're itching to catch some TLB sooner than later, Travis is headed east on a solo clinic run during March and April. Check the tourdates for the details.

So, there you have it. Travis Larson Band is digging in, yet again. We won't be strangers and respectfully request ya keep the light on for us....

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." - Maori Proverb

1 . 05 . 16

Happy New Year from TLB! May you find your 2016 filled with cheeky exuberance and resourceful ambition. It's the year of the Fire Monkey, so... go bananas? If you so choose.

The NAMM show is just around the corner and we're excited for our pre-NAMM run, featuring Dave LaRue Band and Magic Elf. It bears repeating with bold capitalization: DAVE LARUE BAND AND MAGIC ELF! You'll be sorry and pissed, just watching crappy YouTube clips the morning after, so... come see the show!! We promise excellence, too many notes and happy mischief.

Check out the tourdates page or neato imagery.

Thank you, one and all, for your unending support. We are always humbled by your love.

"Shock the monkey to life." - Peter Gabriel