5 . 15 . 21

Happy New Year! Oh, and Groundhog Day! Valentine's Day? April Fools!! Wait. Happy Easter! Aw, hell. Happy Birthday, everyone!

TLB has been a tiny bit off-radar as 2021 moves along, the strange times have kept us hunkered down but anxiously awaiting less-strange times. The new record is moving along too! With most songs penned and arranged, tracking is just around the corner and the hunkering will be hunkertastic.

In the midst of the aforementioned hunkering, TLB has managed a couple of pop-ins on podcasts - if "pop-in" is defined as "well beyond two hours". The Eclectic Soundtrax Podcast features Travis and Jennifer discussing Bryan Beller's wonderful hair and T's weird obsession with milk, among other things. Then check out My Classic Album - With Mike Norris, where Mike and Travis explore the impact 'Moving Pictures' had not only on the Travis Larson Band but music lovers and even popular culture for four decades.

Happy Anniversary to TLB! 2021 marks TWENTY years since the release of Suspension and in honor of such, half-price Suspension t-shirts! Sizes are limited to XL and L, while quantities last. Grab yourself some vintage TLB apparel! Or... from 5/16 10:00am - 5/23 9:00pm CT, 15% off at the TLB Artist shop! Custom and on-demand, for the discriminating fan.

TLB hopes you and yours are still hangin' in there. Been a bit of a haul, can't wait to see y'all!

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” -Mark Twain