Main Guitars: MusicMan John Petrucci (tremolo w/piezo, Fishman TriplePlay, Pearl Redburst), MusicMan John Petrucci Ball Family Reserve (tremolo w/piezo, Walnut Burst, Quilt Maple Top), MusicMan Silhouette 20th Anniversary (tremolo w/piezo, Translucent Caramel Burst, Quilt Maple Top), MusicMan Axis Sport (Luke Blue), Carvin Acoustic AC175 (Flamed Maple Top)

Main Live Rig: DV Mark C 412 and C 212 Standard cabinets, DV Mark Little 40 L34 all-tube heads, Digitech IPB-10, Electro-Voice ETX-15P monitors, Electro-Voice RE-2 Wireless, Kirlin Cables



Main Basses: MusicMan Sterling (Blue Dawn), MusicMan Sterling (w/piezo, HipShot Detuner, Natural), MusicMan Bongo (HS w/piezo, HipShot Detuner, Saphire Black w/ abalone pickguard), MusicMan Reflex Gamechanger, MusicMan SUB Sterling (HipShot tremolo, Textured Black)

Main Live Rig: Markbass Big Bang (2), Markbass Standard 104HR cabinet (4), Electro-Voice RE-2G Wireless, Digitech BP355, Digitech Stereo JamMan, Hardwire Tuner


Drumset: Gretsch 100% Maple, Cherry Burst finish
Drumset, Electronic: R.E.T. NS2 PRO-EX
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Gibraltar Road Series rack tubing and clamps
Microphones: Electro-Voice
Heads: Evans: G2 coated on snare, G2 on toms (batter), G1 on toms (resonant, EMAD on kick)
Sticks: Vic Firth American Classic Hickory 5A, wood tip
Shoes: dB Drum Shoes, 5150 Groove model.
Electronics: Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad (2), Behringer 6- channel mixer, Yamaha Click Station