Who were some of your earliest musical influences?
Rush was the biggest early influence.  Geddy Lee will always be my first love. Led Zeppelin, of course.  I loved Triumph, Pink Floyd.

Who are some of your more recent musical influences? 
On the bass, Geddy Lee, Dave LaRue, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Tony Levin.  Musically, I'm inspired by Miles Davis, Stewart Copeland, Genesis, Dixie Dregs, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Beck, Foo Fighters, Sonny Rollins, Travis Larson... In terms of approach, Dave Grohl, Pete Townshend, Angus Young, Johnny Cash, Keith Richards, Frank Sinatra

What are you listening to right now?
Nina Simone

What kind of effects do you use?
For my bass effects I use a Digitech BP355 processor with all my patches somehow referring to the word "poo". I use a little compression and verb for my main sound, sometimes kick in a little chorus during lush parts or tapping sections, and sometimes delay for solos.  I also use a pitch bender on a couple of tunes, either to add a lower octave or for a whammy effect and I've just recently added a crunchy distorted tone to my arsenal.

What's your current main bass?
I am currently using two "main" basses: my Blue Dawn MusicMan Sterling and my MusicMan Bongo. The Sterling is more for slap style tunes and tunes where I need a little more speed. The Bongo has 24 frets (the Sterling has 22), a piezo pickup, a single coil pickup and a Hipshot de-tuner so it gets used for everything else since it is so versatile.

What's your amp setup like these days?
I'm using Markbass Big Bang and the Markbass standard 104HR cabinets. I'm getting the best tones I've ever had with the Markbass stuff.

Do you have any hobbies?

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