Travis Larson with The Dregs 2018 [21 images]
Bucket list line item #9, check.

Anicca US Tour 2017 [213 images]
TLB's first headlining US tour, the camera was mostly used only during the twelve hour drive days, our epic Grand Canyon adventure and NASA! The shows were equally epic, just unequally documented. Good times, thank you people!

January 2017 [35 images]
Scrambled Dregs. Get it?

Anicca US Tour 2016 [222 images]
Twelve thousand miles.

Anicca Production [63 images]
Back at Avalon Studios for recording Travis Larson Band's seventh record. We worked hard, played hard, Anicca rocks hard.

The Deathstar [43 images]
Thank you for your service, thank you for the memories.

TLB & The Aristocrats 2015, US - Canada - Mexico [373 images]
With nearly four hundred pictures here, words are likely useless.

East Coast 2014 [195 images]
Attitude is attitude, whether you're a west coast gangster or east coast gangster, you know?

Western States 2014 [123 images]
There is a lot of LAND out west.

Northwest 2014 [78 images]
Mostly the Pacific Northwest, with one little-quick trip to North Carolina for Progday. Familiar places, familiar faces and GUTS.

Travis Larson Solo 2014 [38 images]
Welcome to this one man show. So lonely, so lonely, so lonely.

TLB & The Aristocrats 2014 [136 images]
No better way to start the new year. The Aristocrats and TLB travel the Western states through snow, tundras, deserts, international borders and the NAMM show. It was brilliant.

East Coast 2013 [119 images]
"Rocket, I’m taking a rocket! I’m packing my suitcase, and look out moooooooooon! Yeah, a rocket, into outer space, goodbye human race, I’ll be there soooooon!" Technically more of an "east of west" gallery, there's a little something in here for everyone, but mostly lots of signs, LaRue and the Final Frontier.

West Coast 2013 [101 images]
The West is Best. If you really like driving.

Midwest 2013 [81 images]
Ohio can be chock-full of tourist attractions, you just have to drive 45 minutes in any direction from Lagrange. The Ohio State Reformatory of Shawshank Redemption fame, Melt of Man VS. Food fame and Wilbert's of TLB fame. And then, Sweetwater, TLB and John Petrucci. Livin' the dream.

The South 2013 [135 images]
Kicking off the touring season with SHIFT in hand, the South proved to be a touring musician's fantasy-land. Birthplace of Rock and Roll, Home of the Blues and Final Destination for the Undead, we couldn't have possibly seen more sights or eaten more meat.

Shift Production 2013 [83 images]
The unofficial batch of SHIFT production pics, including a heap of goofy outtakes from the super-official SHIFT photoshoot. Intended for TLB audiences, belly laugh purposes only, please do not distribute.

NAMM 2013 [35 images]
Another year, another NAMM.
TLB & Dave Martone 2012 [139 images]
Dave Martone, Dave Martone, Dave Martone
South, Midwest 2012 [88 images]
The Atlanta History Museum, Guitar Centers, Mr. Beller, the gang in Cleveland and Ohio in general, Guitar Centers, Chicago, the Sears Tower, er, Willis Tower, Guitar Centers and cheesehead hats.
East Coast 2012 [208 images]
Two hundred and eight friggin' pictures? We just had to share every last ounce of that dusty ol' road... from Florida to New York, the only thing we didn't see (and take a picture of) was the good Lord himself. Maybe next time. Thank you Dave and Stormer for the memories, for the love. Send in the clowns.
Northwest 2012 [42 images]
Seems TLB had a good dose of Denny's on this Northwest tour. Lots of road, trees, a dog, a moose and of course... good times and great shows. Of course.
Fall 2011 [98 images]
If you have any questions, just email us here.
TLB & LMG 2011 [111 images]
TLB and LMG get jiggy up and down the West Coast - yes, jiggy, I say. Nearly two weeks of jiggy, with one quick stop at a Presidential Library. Because we CAN.
Better Late Than Never 2011 [72 images]
The next tour in support of the recently released Soundmind CD was unlovingly referred to as the "BLTN" tour, mostly by Jennifer, and features the tour mascot "Bacon". From New York to Minnesota, to Ohio and then California, TLB rocks, reflects and remains ever-appreciative of the fine folks who come out for the hang.
Northwest 2011 [102 images]
The first tour in support of the new TLB record, Soundmind. We kicked things off with our favorite tour manager Stormer, lots of grand record release parties and a Celebration of Bacon. We went to the moon, the Golden Gate Bridge and met up with a Deathclocker in just the first few days! The 18 show tour had us riffing with Grammy winner Larry Mitchell, romping with Rikk Beatty and relaxing with old time friends. Thanks to all the Westerners who came out to the shows, it was darn-tootin-mighty-kind-a-ya.
NAMM 2011 [28 images]
This year's NAMM show was evidently too busy for picture taking. But we did manage to get a few... most notably Jen's mug on a big poster, and some guy named Dave who kept bogarting practically every shot. Sheesh.
Southwest 2010 [99 images]
Affectionately dubbed "The Dam Tour" join the band as we romp around in the Southwest, a first for TLB. From Vegas to Austin, our visits take us through lavish casinos with monkeys, Sam Ash in-stores, the Hoover Dam, incredibly long car rides through Texas, the San Antonio RiverWalk, hotel lobbies (fish included) and The Alamo. The Texas RockFest was such a sight to behold that no silly photo gallery could ever do it justice, so we didn't even really try.
NAMM 2010 [47 images]
Not entirely a NAMM only gallery, we included our mini-tour with guitarist Carl Roa. This Magic Elf stole the hearts of adoring fans up and down the West Coast while the rest of us ate cake. The NAMM show: Doug Johns, Mr. Stork, snobby chocolates, Jen with the Daves (which one's Jen, which one's Dave?), Mr. Ball in a space suit . Food, friends, more Daves and just one heckuva good time.
UFO & TLB 2009 [224 images]
Another gargantuan gallery, bigger than the last, we've confiscated all cameras until further notice. Let's see... here we are travelling, playing, travelling, playing. Cheese and chocolate in Ohio, UFO, Doug Johns and The Car, C.L. Pugh gang (happy birthday Julie!), kitties and Mr. Ceja. Hey, do you know why there aren't any dinosaurs? 'Cause they're dead. Yes, travelling, playing, travelling, King's Park looney bin, the Magic of the Elves, and ahhh, B.B. King's on 42nd with UFO. Continuing... three hours of touristing in Philadelphia, more playing with UFO, big theaters and such, autograph signings, leaves turning and Ginger, the sweetest of the sweets. Moving right along...travelling, Bass Player Live, travelling, playing, playing, eating, playing, repeat. Our most humble thanks to: Kate, Martin, Tonio, Eric, Andre and of course UFO, Vinnie, Phil, Andy, Rob, and that other guy, hee hee!
East/West Coast 2009 [207 images]
So many pictures, so many memories. Minnesotan hospitality at it's finest with comfy gigs and digs, baseball and one big-ass mall. The EV/SamAsh weekend kicked things off as we happily headed east singing the praises of the best pairing since chocolate and peanut butter. In-stores, race cars, Randy Allar, Doug Johns and Chris Ceja - the three reasons Cleveland rocks. Oh and the fourth, the C.L. Pugh gang. Road-stops, freeway signs, creepy creeps with NY signs, and then the Lady herself. From every possible angle. Manhattan, pizza, Nathan's, Magic Elves and whoa... California. Ahhhh. Hertlein, Digitech and Luke. Three great tastes that taste great together? And bringing it all home... Doug and Chris in Cali. Super, duper Ahhhhhh. Told ya we'd do better this time.
Northwest 2009 [56 images]
Our 2009 Northwest Tour, the T4 Tour. Kicking off this pithy gallery with one measly shot of our DVD release pizza party (and a blurry one at that), clinics, giveaways, car show, Tom Thumb, snakes. In-stores, more giveaways, random stuff, fairies... I mean ferries, T4 (of course), hugs, friends, more random, KPSU and finally Bigfoot. We'll do better next time.
NAMM 2009 [80 images]
The NAMM Show....enough said.
ElectroVegas 2008 [54 images]
Officially wrapping up the fall season, TLB hit good ol' Bakersfield and Las Vegas one more time, 'cause we just can't get enough of that 8 hour drive. Thank you to EV, Sam Ash, the awesome fans and the City That Never Sleeps for again providing us with one helluva good time. See ya next year...
Fall 2008 [82 images]
Wrapping up this year's fall season with some truly fine memories, please share them with us: Monterey cops, hometown, San Diego's sword-swallowing opening act, and the Hoppin Over To Vegas Digi-Tour. Tommy Smothers, Zakk Wylde, Loni Specter, Krispy Kreme, Krispy Kreme, and more Krispy Kreme. Parking lots, Benihana, Ibanez factory tour, silly/sucky shredders, aliens and Sin City. Yep, that about covers it.
East Coast 2008 [217 images]
Presenting the East Coast Gallery... a wicked-pissah weighing in at two-hundred and seventeen freaking images. Take yer time and ease on through this one. Featuring shots from hell and back we've covered the gamut: airports, road signs, store signs, other signs, Digi-Trucks, Digi-Folks, Digi-Food, farm land, chocolate land, Rock-land, Cleve-land, BBQ's, restaurants, cop shots, little rocks, bunk beds and sleepy heads. But most of all, good times, good times... Thank you PM, T, Rikkles, DJ and Chris, Randy, Stormer and the Gang...
Summerfest 2008 [79 images]
Summerfest, Summerfest, sum-sum Summerfest. Oh what a time was had by all. Dubbed "The Jewel of Summerfest" the Digi-Truck was a huge hit. TLB met some wonderful folks, played some rockin' and rainin' shows, and just had one helluva good time. Our thanks to Paul, Tristan and Rikk our most excellent Digi-hosts. Without those guys, Summerfest would have Summer-sucked. A what?
Travis Larson Band ... 10 Years and Counting [48 images]
A new gallery briefly chronicling the years of banded-bliss that TLB has shared. We dug around in those old archives and found some truly old shite. Don't hold anything against us...
NAMM 2008 [74 images]
We're "consolidating" here, for the sake of simplicity. A few shots of Travis at the Faultline Music Winter Recital smackin' the kids around a bit with his jedi chops, then TLB at the best-ever Christmas show with SIKO, smackin' those kids around a bit as well. Ah, yes, the winter NAMM show. Good clean fun this year, with moments captured from the Digi-booth performances, after-show parties, Doug Johns and Chris Ceja at Bass Bash, the booths, the guitars, the friends, the fun and the backside of Bill Murray. Dale Moon at R.E.T., more Digitech performances, our beloved friends at Electro-Voice, more guitars, more booths, Carol Kaye, some hotel room jams, sad goodbyes and the huge white EV cabs coming to a show near you. Done.
Clinic Tours 2007 [73 images]
We'll start it off with just a couple from the Central Coast Guitar Competition, where once again Travis was a part of deciding the fate of young and old shredders. Shown here with Doug Doppler and local faves Siko. The Southwest Digi-Tour. We kicked off the tour in Sin City with the Silly Seven of us having way too much fun to be called anything but silly. TLB, Dave Martone, Rikk Beatty and Digi-crue Paul and Tristan show off for the camera - probably not interesting for our Dear Viewer, but we really, really, really, really, really are enjoying... Hooker. We gotta go....
East Coast 2007 [147 images]
A hefty gallery weighing in at one-hundred-forty-seven images. You can do it. Documenting TLB's travels all the way from San Jose, CA to the Big Apple we've got it all. Plane rides, hotels, Sam Ash in-stores, gear, Stormer, the Fusion Show's very own Randy Allar, more SA stores, Chimp Zombie's Ass-Gaskets, the Christmas Story House, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Wilbert's with Doug Johns, business centers, breakfasts, Manhattan's finest sights including Rupert G and the Hello Deli, more Sam Ash stores, Coney Island hot dogs, giveaways, Elves, more plane rides and more Doug Johns. Phew....Enjoy dammit.
Summer 2007 [53 images]
Another slice of memory-pie from the last few months of TLB on the road. The Dale Moon clinic at Faultline Music, the amazing Tim and his home-grown version of the Frankenstein Guitar, our Equipment Handler Gino with his very own Frankenstein thingy, sand-sculpting phenom, the Berry wedding, "The Milk-Man" and Jason Nielsen, who by the way is the most freakin' awesome photographer EVER, check out his work and enjoy his shots from TLB at Lestat's. Lastly, TLB with HWM.
Northwest 2007 [96 images]
The DIGI-Gallery, featuring DIGI-pics of the DIGI-truck, DIGI-gigs, the DIGI-gang and whatever else sounds good with "DIGI" in front of it. Thanks to our DIGI-hosts Paul, Mark and Tristan for the good times. From San Jose to Seattle, other pics include the Mandolin Cafe, all of our dog friends and human friends, Northwest Guitars (the finest music store in the NW), the I-5 Blowout Extravaganza, KPSU Guitar Shop with Victrola, Millennium Music, the Moon Family Gathering and the final few days in the Bay Area. DIGI-rrific!
Dale Moon Clinic 2007 [45 images]
This gallery features our very own Dale Moon's recent drum clinic at the Drum Circuit, San Luis Obispo, CA. With the room maxed out and a line out the door, store owners kept watch for the Fire Marshall while attendees studied and cheered our Moon Monster's master moves. Mmmmm....
Winter 2007 [72 images]
While yes, it is Winter Still, we thought we'd get the ball rolling with some tour shots from the last few shows. Pics include San Diego (where there's never a winter's day, except for the freakin' night we played there), Road Fun, our amazing bunch of friends in good ol' Sac town, Pleasanton and SB. Thanks to Paul H., Ed C., John V., Kirsten I., Mark K. for the excellent shots and for spreading the TLB love. A special thanks to Jason Nielsen for some of the most amazing photography - it ain't easy making this bunch look that good!
NAMM 2007 [103 images]
The NAMM show. You've seen and heard it all before, but THIS year was exceptional. Four days of pure Rock 'n Roll mayhem that included non-stop booth fun with TLB, an unforgettable (by most, not Jen) House Of Blues show and some good hang-time. Pics include booth shots, show shots, our friends at EB/MusicMan, EV, Randall, Digitech, crew (without whom, by the way, this year's show would have SUCKED), gear, and LUPI. The best NAMM show yet.
Fall 2006 [120 images]
Ahhh...the new Travis Larson Band record Rate Of Change has been out for a measley five weeks and already so much to tell...with pictures, of course. Please, vicariously enjoy as the TLB travels through the West, the Norhthwest, back West again, then home for the holidays. Shots include friends and fans, performances, one too many highway signs, dogs, the JPF Awards Ceremony, the Central Coast Guitar Competition, the MusicLab Guitar Clinic and whatever else wouldn't fit in the fridge.
Rate of Change Release Weekend 2006 [113 images]
It was one helluva weekend as we celebrated the release of Rate Of Change with vigor, enthusiasm and Milanos. First off, the early morning radio show on KCSB with Phil Colaprete. Next, the guitar clinic at Faultline Music, and ahhh, the CD release concert. Much fun was had by all as TLB tore down the joint. But really, what kind of a celebratory weekend would be complete without the opportunity to meet your biggest hero of all time??
Rate of Change Production 2006 [55 images]
The official batch of production pictures from the upcoming release Rate Of Change, TLB's fourth studio record. We scrounged up what we could as picture-taking was not high on the priority list. Once again the silliness ensues during the album photo shoot while Jen risks spraining a thumb. Other stuffis includes getting the live gear up and running, mixdown, lots of crossed arms, headphones, thoughtful faces, smiling faces. And donuts.
Winter 2006 [41 images]
Well kiddies, the final gallery for the BS tours. Here you will find the usual silliness and gear shots from NAMM, including the new ElectroVoice cabs and MusicMan guitar Travis will be sportin' soon. A few shots from the great Sac fans, Travis performing at the Faultline guitar clinic, Jen's b-day party at Hoovers and a bunch of other stuffis. Enjoy...
Fall 2005 [56 images]
The fall 2005 gallery features some extra groovy shots of TLB in lovely San Diego, CA - thanks Louie! Also our thanks to the good Samaritan who spotted the softball-sized bubble in our tire somewhere on highway 101. Travis judges the 2005 Central Coast Guitar Competition. Shots of the Katrina Benefit concert, and TLB at the ultra-hip Thousand Oaks Borders, photos courtesy of Mark K.
bs fall 2005 tour gallery
Summer 2005 [45 images]
Whoa, summer! So far, so good. These shots are NOT in chronological order, so too bad. Highlights: The carrot and satan trucks, July 4th houseparty, our Oregon/Washington tour, including some tourist shots of the Emerald City and Gig Harbor, Northwest Guitars - the COOLEST guitar shop- our buddy Greg and his babies Jesse and Bailey, our buds in Roseville, the Monterey Rock Festival, Jack London Square, The Ukiah Music Center, miscellaneous shots of Dale and... Jen on a Hog.
bs summer tour 2005 gallery
Spring 2005 [67 images]
Yeeeesssss. This spring marks TLB's first-ever tattoo. Bill, YOU ROCK! And we have the pics to prove it... also the groovy Starship show, crew shots, lots of hair blowin' and the after-show meet & greet. Lestat's in SD -- an excellent venue, a couple studio shots from KCSB and a few from The Mercury Lounge -- yet another excellent venue.
 bs spring tour gallery
Winter 2005 [66 images]
This gallery has a ton of cool performance shots from the Tsunami Benefit Concert, TLB's first trip to the snow in Tahoe, including documentation of chain installation. Some random out-the-window stuff and a show at Pleasanton Brewery. Not necessarily in that order.
bs winter tour gallery
NAMM 2005 [40 images]
T his year's NAMM show was exceptional. First, some shots of the TLB/SMB/Dregs show at Ventura Theatre. TLB performs at the EV booth all four days, Timmons- our best buddy, the spacious hotel room (had a freaking dish-washer). More booth pics, LUPI, the Ernie Ball crew, and finally the Guitar World 25th anniversary show with BLS and TLB gettin' their silly on. Oh, and one hot tub pic. Tee-hee.
NAMM 2005 gallery
Fall 2004 [48 images]
Some cool shots of the Burn Season CD release concert in September of 2004, along with our raffle winners and the aftershow meet and greet. Thank you to Bill for the shots of a few Borders shows... Our camera seemed to have gotten left at home for most of the fall tours...
 fall 2004 tour gallery
Burn Season Production 2004 [45 images]
Welcome again to Avalon Recording Studio. Some silliness ensues as we work tirelessly on the new ProTools rig. We included some unused, but-in-the-running shots for the album art, shots of Trav and Luke at the Steakhouse Studio in Hollywood, Kip Stork our knucklehead engineer who ALWAYS seems to close his eyes in pics, and miscellaneous drum mic configurations.
burn season gallery
1998 Recording Travis Larson Band S/T [14 image]
Ahhh, the first record. Those were the days... when we didn't have such a thing as COLOR film. And what the hell is FILM? Only a few pictures from these sessions at Avalon Recording Studio.
1998 recording gallery
Travis Larson Band - Promo Shots [5 images]
Promo pics from the different albums and such...
promo shots gallery
Big Cheeses [82 images]
Big Cheeses: Beck, Bonamossa, Montrose, Gilbert, Gambale, Lee, Gottlieb, Moore, McDonald, Rollins, Morgenstein, Satriani, Ball, Lukather, Portnoy, Petrucci, Campitelli, Jett, Wooten, Phillips, Nugent, Morse, LaRue, Beller, Govan, Levin, Palmer, Chen... We've seen some cool shows, met and worked with some extraordinary people.
backstage gallery
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