Music Connection Magazine
April 2016

Bassist for the progressive rock-fusion trio Travis Larson Band, Jennifer Young (with guitarist Larson and drummer Dale Moon) has been a consistent draw as a touring and recording act since 1998. The band’s latest DVD is entitled Shift Happens: Live in Mexicali... MORE>>>

Bass Musician Magazine (Web)
February 2013

Jennifer Young is bass player extraordinaire for the Travis Larson Band – an award winning progressive rock trio that hails from the central coast of California. TLB is a group that always seems to be in motion, whether they are touring nationally in support of their six records and two full-length performance DVD’s or working in the studio often alongside such luminaries as Steve Lukather, Victor Wooten, Dave LaRue, and Vinx... MORE>>>

Axe Magazine (Italy)
June 2010

Here is a transcript of the original interview with Axe Magazine. While this is not an exact translation, it should come close...

AXE Magazine: Well, let's start with a short biography to introduce you to the readers.  Your mean steps from a kid who fell in love with guitars to the formation of TLB.
I started playing piano at about age 12 when my brother got me into ELP and Pink Floyd. A few years after that I discovered Jeff Beck and wanted to know how he made all those crazy sounds. I didn’t even know what a tremolo bar was... MORE>>>

Progression Magazine (USA)
Spring 2010, Issue 59

With a talent as bright and virtuosic as guitarist Travis Larson at the helm, that old cliche "there's no I in team" might, under normal group circumstances, be sorely tested. But as a trio, members of the Travis Larson Band understand intuitively that the three spokes in their impressive musical wheel carry equal weight in the studio and on stage.

More than 10 years on, Larson, bassist Jennifer Young and drummer Dale Moon remain prime examples of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts... MORE>>> (Web)
Show Review, June 2010

The Travis Larson band played at the Bistro, Hayward on 14May2010, following the Breast Cancer Research Walk Support Party, dedicated to Hank Maschal, former owner of The Book Shop, next door to the Bistro.

The TLB's load-in was delayed by the afternoon's festivities spilling into the evening a bit, but the band took it in stride and in good spirits... MORE>>>

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